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Update: Alexandra's Brain Surgery, Nov 27

Update: Alexandra's Brain Surgery, Nov 27

The Basic Story: Alexandra, age 20, was admitted to the hospital November 6, about a hundred miles from our home. Serious neurological symptoms revealed that she has a skull-and-brain malformation (Arnold-Chiari) that requires immediate surgery, and that has already caused some brain damage and loss of function.
The Latest: Weeks have dragged by while various surgeons have delayed, and while various intermediaries have come "suggesting donations" (meaning, demanding bribes.) Her symptoms are worsening steeply. The outlook is 90% probability of stopping the degeneration, 10% chance of recovery of some lost functions, and...

When Your Day Begins at the Brain Surgeon, You Know it Could be a Tough One

When Your Day Begins at the Brain Surgeon, You Know it Could be a Tough One

Craniectomy, huh? Laminectomy too? Oh well, here we go. God help us.

The Short Version: Alexandra goes to a specialist this Monday for a pre-surgery consultation. The outcome seems certain: Major surgery to remove parts of her skull and two vertebrae due to a malformation. Months of recovery. Thousands of dollars we don't yet have. (If you already feel the urge to help out, just click HERE.)

From the time Alex came to stay with us in CasaNext we were a little alarmed. Her...

Predators and Perils in the Orphanage

Did the Love-Ninjas Just Win a Round Against Sexual Abuse in the Orphanage?

This ongoing battle has been costly and risky. It has brought crooked cops to our door, and retaliatory "investigations" against us. But today, at last, the police brought in several boys who have been solicited, harassed, groped, threatened, and even forcibly raped by an orphanage supervisor and his friends. At last the boys have talked. They also fingered the officials, all the way to the top, who had ignored their reports and intimidated them to silence.

With the courageous collaboration of our...

D-Day for The Love Revolution: Send a Kid to Beach Camp

With your toes in the sand and your face to the sea, you can see Forever. For thousands of years, mankind have made their pilgrimages to the sea to refocus their lives...or to waste them.

Will you sponsor a teen to our Beach Camp? Twenty-five bucks a day for six days. This year we want to take twenty. But without your help, we can't even take one.

But be warned: We're The Love Revolution, so we do everything a little differently. We do everything from the inside out, so to speak.