D-Day for The Love Revolution: Send a Kid to Beach Camp

With your toes in the sand and your face to the sea, you can see Forever. For thousands of years, mankind have made their pilgrimages to the sea to refocus their lives...or to waste them.

Will you sponsor a teen to our Beach Camp? Twenty-five bucks a day for six days. This year we want to take twenty. But without your help, we can't even take one.

But be warned: We're The Love Revolution, so we do everything a little differently. We do everything from the inside out, so to speak. 

In a typical camp, you isolate kids from all reality. You structure every minute and bombard the them with endless, noisy stimuli. You excite them, exhaust them, and then you "put the sell on them", closing the deal on the final night. It's time-tested and effective, as far as that effect goes. But a flash and a fizzle is not what we're after. Orphan teens don't need an un-real experience for a week; they need a new reality they can live in day-to-day.

Friends, this is Romania, in all its naked reality. So we take them straight into the hubbub that draws teens like moths to a flame. We let our campers examine, with the lights on, whether the "The Way of Life" is really better than "The Way of Death." 

We take our teens to Vama Veche, a Black Sea hippy beach famous throughout Europe. Here we use the mindless nihilism of the summer scene as our backdrop. In this setting we present the redemption vision, and we call teens to join in the uprising of Christ. We ask the kids to look reality straight in the eye, because here in Romania there is no escape from reality. You must choose, and you will stand or you will fall.

We make an atmosphere of wholesome liberty, camping right on the sand. Only three rules: We remain together, we act wisely, and we don't do evil. Easy. We put their trip money in their own hands, and put the schedule in their hands, too. This is particularly jarring for institution-raised kids, but if anything isn't their own decision, then it is a fake decision.

Our recurring theme for Beach Camp is "How to Take Over the World". We teach how Jesus "waded ashore" in Bethlehem, gathered his band of "merry men", and how the little Jesus Movement led by the apostles covered the world in just a few generations, and how they are the next generation of the Love Revolution--if they dare.

Do YOU dare?

To send a kid to beach camp, CLICK HERE!



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