Predators and Perils in the Orphanage

Did the Love-Ninjas Just Win a Round Against Sexual Abuse in the Orphanage?

This ongoing battle has been costly and risky. It has brought crooked cops to our door, and retaliatory "investigations" against us. But today, at last, the police brought in several boys who have been solicited, harassed, groped, threatened, and even forcibly raped by an orphanage supervisor and his friends. At last the boys have talked. They also fingered the officials, all the way to the top, who had ignored their reports and intimidated them to silence.

With the courageous collaboration of our boys, we set all this in motion in March by providing a detailed report about incidents involving several victims. A task force of devoted detectives questioned us over several days, and then began seven months of secretive work. This is far from a closed case, and it reaches farther. But at least now the boys have been heard. A penal case will creep forward and it appears likely that at minimum one fox will be out of the hen-house. We will keep you posted. As always, please DO NOT SHARE THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Thank you for your prayers and love.
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Attempted Rape...This Must Be Tuesday

In related news, our 15 year old Andreea was attacked in the orphanage late at night and dragged by five drunk boys into a deserted study room. Luckily Andreea is as tough as a hog's snout, and they broke off the attack before they could get her naked enough to follow through on what they promised: A gang rape.
The incident was reported, and the boys were punished. How? Washing dishes for one week! Because, after all, "Nothing really happened, right?" and "They were just being boys."
But, Andreea is a Next Generation girl, and she did as we taught her: She secretly recorded the whole disciplinary meeting, and it would make the devil blush. Maybe some heads will roll, but maybe not. Meanwhile, Andreea is too terrified to sleep and she wants to die. So will you pray for her please? (Her pic is below, for inspiration.)

If we truly win this one, we may be able to leverage Andreea and her sisters out of the orphanage and into our care. IF we can afford the food and housing, that is.
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