Update: Alexandra's Brain Surgery, Nov 27

The Basic Story: Alexandra, age 20, was admitted to the hospital November 6, about a hundred miles from our home. Serious neurological symptoms revealed that she has a skull-and-brain malformation (Arnold-Chiari) that requires immediate surgery, and that has already caused some brain damage and loss of function.
The Latest: Weeks have dragged by while various surgeons have delayed, and while various intermediaries have come "suggesting donations" (meaning, demanding bribes.) Her symptoms are worsening steeply. The outlook is 90% probability of stopping the degeneration, 10% chance of recovery of some lost functions, and a 10% chance of disaster. She will require months of care at best and a lifetime of care at worst. She's scheduled to be readmitted for surgery December 4th.
The Background Story: Alexandra resides with us in Romania at CasaNext, our transitional home for 18+ year-old orphans. We call it the "Urban Monastery" and seriously, there is nothing on Earth quite like it.

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