About Next Generation Outreach

Who We Are:

Next Generation is a small faith-based non-profit working among Romania's "lost generation". Started in 2010, Next began by calling out youth from Romania's sprawling porn industry.and calling them into a life of purpose and hope. That first generation of unlikely partners established everything that we do today.

Why We "Sell" Stuff:

The items we "sell" are not real purchases. Generally they are donations requested. The online catalog format serves only to illustrate our daily activities, our youth programs, and our particular financial needs. We hope it gives a more intimate glimpse of how we operate and spend funds. The donations received go into the unrestricted funds account, Like a family purse, and the items are only purchased when the time is wise and right.

Who Are We?

Next Generation began with two empty-nesters from Indiana who were touched by how underprivileged youth were being left behind -- and even victimized -- by Romania's rapid development. A small group of young Romanians grabbed onto the vision. Today, most of the key leaders are 20-somethings who were raised in the notorious government orphanages of post-revolutionary Romania in the 1990's. Increasingly the mission is carried forward by uniquely gifted teen volunteers residing in the local orphan homes.