Bunk Bed Fully Outfitted, Belvedere BEL 26

Bunk Bed Fully Outfitted, Belvedere BEL 26

Regular price $325

Don't Short-Sheet Your Good Intentions!

What good is a bed without a mattress? And a mattress without a sheet? And so on, and so on?

Provide the whole nine yards! Bed, linens, pillow, pillowcase, privacy curtain, personal lighting and a nightstand/phone charging console. Add a spacious wardrobe, a huge under-bed storage drawer, organizer shelves to keep his things in order. Round it out with a clothes hamper, a clothes drying stand, and coat-hangers. And how about nice paint for the walls and maybe a cozy rug on the floor? Voila! Everything two guys need to sleep well, wake up on time, and dress sharp for work!

Kill Two (or 4) Birds with One Stone

Our existing beds, bedding and accessories with be delivered personally to other needy ones, outside of CasaNext, trying to make their start in the world. That's just how we roll--roll with us!